Exhibiting in Los Angeles at The Cypress College Art Gallery 29th oct-29th Nov. Self-Portraits 11.

The Human Form.

Contemporary artist ,Rosslyn Duncan has been fascinated with the human form all her life. .As she describes here;-

'the direct stare of the face must engage the viewer in order to say anything about life".

She describes herself as an artist that is;

" continually evolving as every new painting or drawing is treated as the first of its kind. "

The Sapient Paradox,oil on canvas 500x746cm 2016.These paintings are from a series of work titled:-'ANCIENTS AND HYBRIDS'.2016-17.

Recently awarded, " Beato Angelico Award ', for Artistic Recognition with a special award for Human Rights 2016 ,dedicated this year to 'Paul VI,Pope of Humanity.Awards for recognition in Cultural Events and engagement merits,artistic achievement, that the candidate has lavished with emotional energy,beyond the pictorial grammar fields,achieved with passion,ability and selflessness in the development of their disciplines in the 'Applied Arts, carried out during 2016,giving prestige and honor to the entire international community.Ceremony takes place in Lecce Italy,,December,17th, 2016.

Michelangelo International Prize 2015- Rosslyn has been awarded the prestigious prize to celebrate the Jubilee of Michelangelo's Moses statue. Truth and Liberty will feature in the exhibition to honour the anniversary of it's creation by the famous sculptor, Michelangelo Buonarroti.The awarding ceremony takes place in December 10th, at The Palazzo Cardinal Cesi ,in Rome, 2015.

‘By the seduction of the first idea the painter attains to the universal. It is the seduction which determines the choice of the motif and which corresponds exactly to the painting. If this seduction,if the first idea vanishes , all that remains .........is the object which invades and dominates the painter.
— Pierre Bonnard.









Exhibition in Rome     26-28th October      2017          Palazzo Velli Expo.   ROME

Exhibition in Kiev       2nd November         2017          ART EGO CULTURE CENTRE Kiev   2017




Contemporary Art in The Vatican, exhibition runs from 20th of May -8th of june 2015.

From Caravaggio  to  Modern   Days, Exhibition at The Bramante Museum in Piazza Del Popolo, Rome. May 16-28th 2015.

Exhibiting at The Florence Biennale - X Florence Biennale- October 17- 25th   2015.

This coming January I have the honour of being invited to exhibit at The  Bramente Museum in Rome,which is near the Vatican. The exhibition runs from 20-30th of January 2015.

I have saved my image of Truth and Liberty -on my website in response to the political events in Paris. This piece is for the celebration of the signing of the 'Magna Carta" which 

seems very poignant in 2015!



Exhibited extensively throughout the United States and Europe.

Winner of The Chelsea Biennale in 2013 for oil painting.

Rosslyn is in these professional groups;

Portrait Society of America.

Allied Painters of America.

Pastel Society of the U.K.

Society of Scottish Artists.

International Human Rights Award 2016, for artistic activity carried out during 2016 and Awarded Honorary Academy Master for 2017 by the Associazone Cultural and Academia Italia in Arte new Mondo.